Akshara Singh Video : Akshara was dancing on the Uchhal-Uchhal stage, it started raining stones

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Famous actress of Bhojpuri cinema Akshara Singh dominates the internet these days. Some or the other dance video of her gets trended on social media. Akshara Singh is always in the news regarding her personal life as well. These days a dance video of Akshara Singh is becoming very viral. In this video, the actress is seen dancing. While dancing, the audience started pelting stones at Akshara Singh. Recently, news came to the fore that there were many problems in Khesari Lal Yadav stage show in Nevada. In this show of Khesari, the crowd became uncontrollable and then the show had to be stopped.

Akshara Singh Video
Akshara was dancing on the Uchhal-Uchhal stage

Now something similar happened during the stage show of Akshara Singh. According to the report, Akshara Singh had gone to Badlapur Mahotsav on the second day to give a stage performance to entertain the people, but as soon as she reached there, people started pelting stones at her. Seeing the rain of stones in the midst of the entertainment of the people, Akshara Singh got scared and thought it wise to leave the program in a hurry. Akshara Singh is considered to be the top actress of Bhojpuri cinema, she was performing on the song Bawal Ho Gaya in Jaunpur. Later this matter has increased so much that all the people present in the festival started pelting stones and some people even threw papers at the actress.

Seeing the antics of the people, Akshara Singh thought it better to leave. Akshara Singh felt very sad to see this act of people. Please inform that apart from Akshara Singh, ‘Har Har Shambhu’ fame Abhilipsa Panda was also present at the Badlapur festival. People who came to see both the stars created a ruckus. Akshara Singh never expected that her fans would treat her like this. She angrily left the stage. Apart from Akshara, BJP MLA Ramesh Mishra was also present in this festival. After all this, he himself had to come on stage and end the program.

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