Anneliese Michel : 6 souls were in this girl’s body, 67 exorcisms

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There is such a true story, after listening to which you will also start believing in your souls. This story is also important because it is from a country where science and logic are considered. Where superstition has no place.

Anneliese Michel
6 souls were in this girl’s body

The story is done by Anna Astro Annalize Michel. He was born on 21 September 1952 in Bavaria, Germany. The family belonged to Christianity. They were very fanatical of religion. They believe in God and propagate their religion. Seeing the family members, Astro Annalize thought that she would grow up and propagate her religion. However, fate had something else in store.

analis temporal l suffers

When Astro Annalize turned 16, she was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. In this disease, the patient not only loses his memory, but also has no control over his body. Annalise’s family first introduced her to their mentor. When the master failed to cure the disease, the family took Annalise to a pastor. However, despite five years of long treatment, Annalise could not recover.

The girl’s health was getting worse day by day. She used to behave strangely, seeing which the family members became even more upset. Then he realized that his daughter did not have any disease. A ghost lives inside him. Annalise’s parents then thought it should be shown to a church pastor.

Earlier, he invited a man named Astro Odd to his house, who knew him. Astro Annalize lying on the floor. As soon as Annalise saw Astro, she glanced at the floor and started licking it. After this she started eating the piece of coal lying nearby. Meanwhile, Astro notes that Annalise has a strange smile on her face. She neither laughs openly nor cries openly. She gives the same expression, that too with a strange laugh. He immediately understood that an evil spirit lived within Annalise.

Seeing the deteriorating condition of Astro Annalize, both the priests blew up the tree again. The problem, however, was that Astro Annalize never stayed in one place. Due to this it became difficult to perform tree-flying operations. So they started tying Astro Annalize with thick chains to keep her in one place.

Tree plantation was done several times. However, Astro Annalize condition was not improving at all. During this time, two priests became aware of the spirits occupying Annalise’s body.

These were 6 demonic spirits

Two priests told Annalise’s parents that the spirits of six people were living inside their daughter. Their names are – Nero, who was the last ruler of the Jewish Empire of the Roman Empire. Judas Iscariot (Judas Iscariot), a disciple of the Lord Jesus, who betrayed him for only 20 silver coins. Cain is the younger son of Adam and Eve. Hitler (Hitler) – Germany’s most notorious dictator.

Valentin Fleischmann (Valentin Fleischmann) – a notorious 16th-century priest who was sacked from the Roman Empire for drinking, rioting and murder. Lucifer is known as a symbol of evil. It is also called the devil of the devils.

Astro Annalize herself was attacked and injured several times. Meanwhile, Annalise’s condition improved slightly. However, this happiness was only for a few days. After sometime he also stopped eating and drinking. When the priest asks her why she is doing this, Astro Annalize says that the devil inside her does not allow her to eat or drink anything.

His condition had become very bad. It was flown for the last time (67th time) on 30 June 1976. Meanwhile, Annalies said that she was tired now. Now he has to get rid of this body. Then on the morning of July 1, 1976, Astro Annalize died. At that time she was only 23 years old.

An autopsy was performed on Astro Annalize, and it was found that she had died of malnutrition. The doctors then accused the two pastors of misleading Annalise’s parents. Doctors said that if Annalise had been given timely treatment, she would have survived. Now no one has the right answer as to what is the truth.

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