Astrology Tips for Greetings : These people should not be greeted even after forgetting, they will become partakers of sin; In memory, mention is found in Vyaghrapad.

According to the scriptures, only virtuous men and women are eligible for prostration. Never greet evil and wicked people (Greeting Tips). According to Vyagrapada Smriti, it is forbidden to bow down in front of anyone even while vomiting, yawning or urinating. An atheist should never be greeted. People who do bad deeds in return for good deeds should also not prostrate.

Astrology Tips for Greetings
they will become partakers of sin

It is said in the culture that to show respect to others, we should always greet them with folded hands. This greeting should be given not only to man but also to rivers, mountains, trees, animals and birds etc. By doing this we were honoring him and also thanking him that because of him we are living a good life today.

It is also forbidden to bow down to a woman who has an abortion or has killed her husband. Those who are sinners, do hypocrisy, violate the appointed time of Yagyopaveet, are of evil nature or enter the temple wearing shoes, they should also not die. If a person greets the wicked, he himself becomes impure and can be purified only by fasting round the clock.

When greeted with one hand, they lose in a moment the virtues they have earned throughout their lives. Therefore, a person should always be greeted with folded hands, during which it is also necessary to bow down as a sign of respect.

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