Bigg Boss 16 : Gautam Vig was furious after seeing Shaleen Bhanot flirting with Soundarya, said- I do not like all this

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Television’s most popular and controversial show Bigg Boss 16 ! A new love story is going to start soon in 6, due to which this show remains in the headlines. On the one hand, the enmity between the contestants is increasing. At the same time, love for each other is also rising in the minds of some people. It is being seen from the beginning of the show that Tina Datta has love for Shaleen. At the same time, Sumbul and Shaleen have started moving away a little bit and there is no closeness between them as before, so now Tina Datta has made her bond with Shaleen good.

i don't like it all
Gautam Vig was furious after seeing Shaleen Bhanot flirting with Soundarya

Shaleen says that he has nothing in his heart for Tina Datta but it seems that now he is also feeling for Tina Datta. Colors channel has shared the promo video of Bigg Boss 16 on Instagram account, in which Gautam Big Tina Datta makes Shaleen feel jealous. Shaleen says that butterfly is flying in his mind for Tina Datta. Then Gautam Vig along with Tina Datta is seen teasing Shaleen, after which Tina Datta also harass Shaleen and flirts with Gautam. Shaleen also gets angry on this.

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It was seen in the show that Shaleen and Sumbul already had a very good bonding but when Tina Datta questioned the relationship between Shaleen and Sumbul, the actor distanced herself from her. Tina Datta had also said that Shaleen closeness with her bothers her. Sumbul has feelings for Shaleen. However, now it has to be seen what turn will this love triangle take.

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