Bigg Boss 16 : Salman Khan could not tolerate this decent act, said – don’t force me to remove the shirt

Contestant Shaleen Bhanot of television’s most popular show Bigg Boss 13 misbehaved with a doctor. Because of which Salman Khan got angry and started asking his qualifications. In Bigg Boss, there is a fight between the contestants every day, Salman Khan reprimanded Soundarya Sharma because she had commented on Ankit’s mother regarding Priyanka.

Salman could not tolerate
Salman Khan could not tolerate this decent act

Now it is the turn of Shaleen Bhanot, who had broken many rules in the past, as well as misbehaved with the doctor who came to checkup him. When Shaleen Bhanot pushed Archana, everyone turned against her. Because of this, Shaleen Bhanot had aggressive behavior with everyone.

He had removed his mic and became ill. When a doctor had come to the Bigg Boss house to check up on him, Shaleen Bhanot also raised questions on his degree and told him many things. For this, now Salman Khan will be seen reprimanding Shaleen Bhanot in Weekend Ka Vaar.

In the promo video of Colors channel, Shaleen Bhanot behavior has been shared, on which Salman Khan vents his anger on her and says, “Shaleen Bhanot, you are considering yourself very one and a half Shana. I think, it is a matter of great embarrassment. I ask you, how far have you studied. Do you have any respect for professionals? You are not a VIP here.

After this, when Shaleen Bhanot starts giving clarification to Salman Khan, Salman Khan says “Don’t force me to take off my shirt”. On Friday, Sumbul’s father had come to convince him and he also scolded Shaleen Bhanot and said that he had made a spectacle of his daughter.

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