Bigg Boss 16 : Sreejita Dey opened the poll of contestants as soon as she came out of Bigg Boss house, told which contestant is fake

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In Bigg Boss 16, there is always some high voltage drama happening every day. This time the first elimination took place in the show. After coming out of Bigg Boss house, Sreejita Dey made revelations about many people in the house. When Salman Khan came to meet the contestants this weekend, he also revealed the name of the contestant who was homeless before the house. TV actress Sreejita Dey had to come out of the house due to elimination. Now after coming out, Sreejita Dey has made more than one disclosure. Everyone is surprised to hear that.

Bigg Boss 16
told which contestant is fake

Recently, Sreejita Dey became a part of Krushna Abhishek’s show ‘Biz Buzz’. Sreejita Dey first told about Shaleen that he makes the most excuses. Sreejita Dey told many more secrets related to Shaleen. He said that he only does acting, which shows that he is a good actor. Sreejita Dey also told that when Shaleen breaks the rules of the house or argues, then he starts making excuses.

Krishna’s Big Buzz Show is a show in which the evicted members from Bigg Boss play a fun game. Not only this, he also gives his opinion about the family members. Ever since Sreejita Dey came out of the show, the fans are looking very angry. Also, this decision of Bigg Boss is also being told wrong.

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