Bigg Boss 16 : This video of Sajid Khan is going viral, said about the relationship with Gauhar- ‘Then my character was loose…’

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After Sajid Khan’s entry in Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 16, there has been a lot of controversy. He has also accepted the matter of engagement with Gauahar Khan, an old video of Sajid Khan has been posted in which he is talking about his past relationship. He admitted that he had engaged with Gauahar Khan. He has admitted that even after many linkups, he did not get married.

then my character was loose
This video of Sajid Khan is going viral

In the year 2018, when Sajid Khan was caught in the #meetoo controversy, he was accused of sexual harassment by women. After this, Sajid Khan had to listen to the words of the people. Sajid Khan was fired from the film even while working as the director of Housefull Four. Sajid Khan is seen talking to Kiran Juneja in her show Prayas Se Kaamyaab Tak.

When he asked about separating from Gauahar Khan, Sajid Khan said at that time “My character was very loose, I was hanging out with girls and lying at that time. I did not do any such misbehavior but I love you to every girl, Will you mary me” said. He said that according to this, I should have been married 350 times. Sajid Khan said that all the women in his life are abusing him. He said that after marriage, men have to compromise more than women.

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