Boldest Webseries : These 10 bold web series are available on Ullu App beyond limits, watching will give you sleepless nights

There are many bold web series available on the Ullu app that can give you sleepless nights. These web series are full of board content as well as hot scenes, which do not let the audience move from their place and curiosity remains in the minds of the people. So let’s know about those 10 adult web series in which board content created panic in the hearts of people and this web series was also very much discussed. See here the list of these web series on Ullu app.

Boldest Web Series
viewers lost their sweat

anniversary surprise

This is a murder mystery story. In which fiercely bold scenes have been given. The story of this web series is full of suspense. Equally full of bold scenes. This series was also very much discussed.

melting cheese

This web series was released in 2018 which was a suspense thriller web series. Its board contents had blown people’s senses.

the choice

This web series of Ullu app was based on love triangle. In which the makers inserted bold scenes in full. You can never watch this web series with your family.


This web series of Ullu app is one of the most popular web series. Its board content always remains a topic of discussion among the people. People also liked this series a lot.

Mona Home Delivery

This web series is comedy drama web series on Ullu app. Whose story is full of sexual content and it revolves around sex. This too had created a lot of buzz among the fans.


The web series Guardian aired on Ullu app is a story full of bold content. This is a suspense thriller web series. which became very popular among the fans

black coffee

The series Black Coffee on the Ullu app was very much discussed among the people, bold scenes were given in it. Seeing the hot scenes of the actress, the heart of the people becomes uncontrollable even today.

Metoo: Wolf of Bollywood

The story of this web series is inspired by the Metoo movement. In which the makers have kept tremendous bold scenes. Which was successful in getting rid of the sweat of the audience too.


This web series of Ullu app is built on a woman and her four husbands, in which the fifth son of the family himself refuses to accept the ritual of this family and later he falls in love with the lead actress.

Kavita Bhabhi

In this famous web series of Ullu app, bold scenes were inserted in full. This web series was very much discussed due to its bold content.

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