Facebook Jail : Don’t make this mistake even by forgetting, otherwise you may have to go jail

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Many times the users using Facebook are not aware and they make some mistakes, by doing so many times they can get into legal trouble, even they can go to jail. If you are also active on Facebook and doing any activity without thinking then you need to know about the mistakes that can land you in jail.

Facebook Jail
Don’t make this mistake even by forgetting

If you write a post in which hate speech is used against a particular person, then such post can be prosecuted under IT rules and the person who posted it can be jailed. If any remarks are made or racially suggestive words are used against a particular caste or community, such person can be prosecuted and jailed.

Fcebook recent tweet 👈🏿

If you share an objectionable picture of a person or organization or community through Facebook, then you may have to go to jail or you may also have to go to court. In most cases Facebook itself blocks such content but if it does not happen and someone comes to know about it then they can also file a complaint on that matter which is acted upon.

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