Gori Nagori again stole the heart of her fans, injured people with her style

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👈

A stage show of Gori Nagori has hit the social media, seeing which people are praising her fiercely. In this video, she is wearing a green outfit and with this she is dancing without a dupatta. Due to which knives are running on the hearts of people.

Gori Nagori hariyanvi dancer
injured people with her style

One or the other song of Rajasthan’s famous dancer Gori Nagori goes viral every day. Everyone is eager to see Gori Nagori stage show and people come from far and wide to see her dance.

In such a situation, whenever Gori Nagori dances on the stage, people lose their temper. Gori Nagori steals people’s hearts with her beauty and it becomes difficult to take people’s eyes off her. His song creates a buzz as soon as it comes on. In this song, you can see that Gori Nagori is pressing her finger under her teeth and showing her hot dance. The figure of Gori Nagori is looking very bold in this video. At this time, the name of Gori Nagori is being heard loudly everywhere.

In this song, Gori Nagori is wearing a green colored lehenga and choli. This song of his is trending on Instagram. Gori Nagori is always very active on her Instagram and keeps sharing her new videos with her fans. She is also known as Shakira in Haryana and people come from miles around to see her dance. Recently Gori Nagori has also entered in Bigg Boss. After coming in Bigg Boss, the popularity of Gori Nagori has increased further and people are also liking her a lot in the show.

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