Haryanvi Dancer : Monika Chaudhary danced with a dupatta tied around her waist, people got high level energy

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 👈🏿

A dance video of Haryanvi dancer Monika Chaudhary is going viral on social media. Monika Chaudhary dance is so different that people are searching it again and again. People get injured after seeing the dance moves of Monika Chaudhary and people come from far and wide to see her dance. There is so much energy in Monika Chaudhary dance that people themselves become energetic after seeing her. Thousands of people come to Monika Chaudhary stage show. Once again, Monika Chaudhary style is ruling the social media and seeing her style, people are wishing to see her again and again.

Monica danced with a dupatta tied around her waist
Monika Chaudhary danced with a dupatta tied around her waist

On social media, we get to see dance videos of Haryanvi dancers which are also quite viral. Dancer is ahead in injuring people every time with her style. Monika Chaudhary name also comes in Haryana’s best dancer. As soon as she comes on the stage, Monica injures everyone with her style and her new dance has also made a lot of headlines. In which she is dancing tremendously on the song ‘Kidnap Ho Javegi’. His dance in this song is more energetic than his killer expression.

People’s eyes are not diverting from him. Many people are also surprised to see Monica dance like this. In this video, Monica is wearing a yellow suit which looks great on her. Everyone is feeling short of water in front of the dancer’s dance. This video has been uploaded on the channel named Tashan Haryanvi. With the uploading of the video, it is also going viral. Till now thousands of likes have come in this dance of Monika Chaudhary, fellow people are also commenting on this video.

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