Haryanvi Dancer : RC Upadhyay created panic, fans said – what will you agree to do ?

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 👈🏿

After Haryana’s dancing queen Sapna Chaudhary, if anyone’s name is in the top list, then it is RC Upadhyay. People become happy as soon as they take the name of RC Upadhyay and start remembering his desi style. RC Upadhyay name is one of the top dancers of Haryanvi Dancer. Whenever she goes on stage, people eagerly wait for her and she is also very expert in giving stage performance. Recently, one of his dances is spreading like fire on social media.

RC Upadhyay created panic
RC Upadhyay created panic

RC Upadhyay has given his amazing expressions in this video. Seeing the killer style of RC Upadhyay, people are drawing towards him. RC Upadhyay dance creates panic every day and she beats people’s hearts with her desi killer move. In such a situation, when she comes on stage, people come from far and wide to see her. RC Upadhyay is so famous that when any of his songs come on the internet, it trends a lot.

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In this video, RC Upadhyay is seen doing a tremendous dance on ‘Re Chhore Mada Ho Jaga’. Seeing the dances of the dancing sensation, a lot of enthusiasm has been filled inside the fans present there. It is seen in the video that the people standing on the stage are not able to swell after seeing RC Upadhyay dancing and everyone’s eyes are fixed on the RC Upadhyay itself, while the fans are also very fond of this style of RC Upadhyay.

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