Haryanvi Dancer : RC Upadhyay did such a thing in a packed gathering, people were surprised

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 👈🏿

The craze of Haryanvi Dancer Haryanvi Videos is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, the song of RC Upadhyay is becoming quite viral, in which she is seen showing amazing shocks and is making everyone crazy with her killer style. Haryanvi dancer RC Upadhyay has always been known for her captivating style. Whenever she comes on stage, she wreaks havoc on the hearts of the people with her best hanging jerks.

RC Upadhyay hot dance
RC Upadhyay did such a thing in a packed gathering

In such a situation, one of his dance videos is becoming increasingly viral on YouTube, due to which people are watching it again and again. In this video going viral, RC Upadhyay is seen dancing. Seeing the dance of his dance, the fans there are also becoming very energetic. In this video, RC Upadhyay is wearing a yellow suit and she looks doomed in this color.

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The stage performance of RC Upadhyay is so tremendous that the people there are losing their hearts on him. All eyes are fixed on RC Upadhyay. Now this video of her is trending a lot. This video has been uploaded on YouTube on PB Ragni channel. On which thousands of likes and comments have come. People like RC Upadhyay very much and always wait for him to come on stage, in such a situation people also play a lot of city and clap.

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