Haryanvi Dancer : RC Upadhyay struck a chord amidst the bright lights, the viewers were left watching

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👈

RC Upadhyay steals everyone’s heart with his desi style. RC Upadhyay fans always eagerly wait for her dance and she sets the stage on fire as soon as she comes. RC Upadhyay always creates riots with her killer style. RC Upadhyay is also very popular on social media. Be it YouTube or any other social platform, RC Upadhyay songs always steal people’s hearts. After seeing her song which is going viral on the internet, she is wreaking havoc.

Haryanvi Dancer RC Upadhyay
RC Upadhyay struck a chord amidst the bright lights

Recently, her video from a Ragini program is going viral, after which she is making tremendous headlines. Lakhs and crores of people gather to see his songs and dance. RC Upadhyay danced on the stage in such a way that people started raining notes. Not only this, when people did not get a chair to sit, they started watching RC Upadhyay dance while sitting on the ground. RC Upadhyay is doing a colorful dance amidst colorful lights. Once again RC Upadhyay video is catching the attention of the people, in which she is seen dancing tremendously on the stage. Haryanvi dancer RC Upadhyay songs keep going viral every day. People are also very fond of his dance and always keep praising him.

In such a situation, when RC Upadhyay comes on stage, people are forced to dance with them and many people even lose their temper. RC Upadhyay name is one of the top dancers of Haryana. In such a situation, his fan following is also very tremendous and he is also very popular in the whole of Haryana. Along with this, many elders are also trying to dance with him and are dancing on the stage.

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