Hidden Camera was installed in OYO Hotel, keep these things in mind

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Making private videos with hidden camera is nothing new. In the coming days, many such cases come to the fore, where money is demanded by making private videos of users from hidden cameras. Blackmailers hide them in very secret places in hotel rooms so that no one can find them. If you are also out somewhere and planning to stay in a hotel, then first you have to find hidden camera.

Hidden Camera was installed in OYO Hotel
keep these things in mind

OYO Hotels have always been accused of not being safe for couples. Now a case has come to the notice of the police, in which they used to make videos of couples hiding in hotel rooms. The police have caught the gang who blackmailed the couple by making videos from hidden camera. These people used to install different types of hidden camera in the hotel of ‘Oyo’. The hotel occupants used to record the entire movement of the couple. After that they used to blackmail her and ask for money.

According to reports, both the arrested accused used to record private videos of couples with hidden camera to collect money. Police say that these accused used to book hotel rooms and used to hide cameras in the rooms. So, if you are in a hotel, first of all find the hidden camera with these methods to avoid any unwanted incident.

According to the ADCP, both Vishnu and Vahav had stayed at an Oyo hotel in Phase-3 police station a few days back. There they installed holder cameras. gone from there. A few days later a couple came there. He made a video of the couple. After this both of them were called, blackmailed and made the video viral demanding money. Threatened to kill me for not giving money.

How to find hidden camera ?

As soon as you enter the hotel room, you must look for the place where the hidden camera is likely to be hidden.
The best way to find the hidden camera is to see all the lights in the room turn it off. Now turn on the flashlight of your smartphone and move it around the room.

If you can see light reflecting off somewhere, you’re near a hidden camera. Where there is light there may be a hidden camera.

Check the ceiling and corners of the room thoroughly. Often a false ceiling is made and a hidden camera is installed in it.
This camera can also be hidden in the things kept on the side of the bed. Therefore, check the reading lamp, speaker, vase and other such things thoroughly.

TVs and set-top boxes are also places of danger. Such a place is widely used to hide hidden cameras. So check the TV and the surrounding area.

Also check the air conditioner, power socket and plugs etc in the room. Apart from this, the camera can also be hidden on the smoke detector.
Hidden camera are often hidden behind mirrors in bathrooms. If the mirrors are double sided, then such a place can be dangerous.

Place your finger on the mirror. If you see a space between your finger and the glass, you are safe. If not, you are in danger.

Look also for towel and dryer holders, faucets, door knobs, and keyholes. This way you can keep yourself safe.

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