Huge Discount on Thomson 8.5 KG Washing Machine Equipped with Germ Purifier Technology

Thomson’s 8.5 kg washing machine on which you are already getting a huge discount of 69%, after which it comes down to just Rs 23999. All the money will be saved. Let us tell you that an exchange bonus of ₹ 2200 is also being given to the customers on this washing machine, so customers will have to pay only ₹ 21999 for this washing machine. A good deal and the customers benefit greatly from it.

huge discount on washing machine
Equipped with Germ Purifier Technology

All you have to do is load the front clothes. People who are short in height also do not have much problem in using the front door washing machine. Although their price is a bit high, but today we have brought a great option for you which is also economical and you will also get a good discount on it. If you wash your clothes in this washing machine then it will take less time and it also reduces water consumption so it can prove to be a profitable deal for you.

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Its biggest feature is that you do not need to rinse the clothes separately after cleaning, not only this, if any virus and bacteria are present in the clothes, they get eliminated thanks to the birth-kill technology of this washing machine Huh. This will be done automatically. This washing machine consumes very little electricity and cleans clothes very gently.

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