Indian Idol 13 : Something happened in the show of Indian Idol that Sonakshi Sinha was also shocked and everyone stood up leaving the chair

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Sonakshi Sinha came as a judge this time in Indian Idol, in front of whom something happened that the actress was completely surprised Indian Idol is considered to be the biggest singing show in the TV world. Its latest episode is coming out. In this season more than one talented singer has come. The voice of the content of Indian Idol captures the hearts of people so much that no one wants to miss this show.

Indian Idol 13
omething happened in the show of Indian Idol

This time Sonakshi Sinha came on stage to promote her film, when something happened that even Sonakshi Sinha was stunned. In Indian Idol, all the contestants gave more than one performance in front of Sonakshi Sinha but touched everyone’s heart in the voice of Contestant Vineet Singh.

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In the latest episode, Vineet sang the song “Abhi mujhe mein kahi baaki thoda si hai zindagi”, this song of his had struck so much emotion that it touched the hearts of the people. Everyone present in the studio is liking this song so much that tears came in the eyes of Vineet. Have become.

All the judges also stood up from the seat and started clapping. Indian Idol is considered to be the best performance of all time because Vineet has not only played the song well but also lived it. This song of his was very emotional and full of melody and rhythm.

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