Kanika Mann was embarrassed on the beach, slippers broke in front of the camera people said take them in your lap from Omar Riyaz

Although all of our slippers must have been broken in the middle of the road and it does not make any difference to us, but if this slipper belongs to a celebrity and it breaks, then it also becomes embarrassing on the middle of the road. Something like this happened with Kanika Mann. When Kanika Mann came out in full style, her sandals broke as soon as she came in front of the cameras. Just like breaking sandals is no big deal It doesn’t matter, but if it is a matter of celebrity, then the embellishment is bound to happen. Kanika Mann came out of the house completely tiptop and came in front of the camera in her splendid style and her sandals broke as soon as she arrived.

Kanika Mann was embarrassed
Kanika Mann was embarrassed on the beach road, broke slippers in front of the camera

After that his reaction is being captured on the cameras. A video is going viral on social media in which Kanika Mann and Umar Riaz are seen together. At the beginning of the video, Kanika Mann slippers break, after which Umar jokingly says that whether it is a rented slipper and everyone laughs out loud. Now everyone is funny on this video of him Commenting. Users say, “Such a thing keeps happening.” If you take cheap slippers, the same will happen. At the same time, some people are talking about giving broken slippers to Urfi and saying that Urfi will make some dress out of it.

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Kanika Mann is a famous TV actress who is 26 years old and she has achieved a lot of fame at such a young age. Kanika Mann, who started her career with modeling, has also appeared in Punjabi music album. Along with this, she has made a special identity with serials like Badho Bahu, Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

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