Laxmi Narayan Yoga will be formed by the combination of Mercury and Venus, the luck of these 3 zodiac signs can shine

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👈🏿

The presence and combination of planets in a person’s horoscope creates many such yogas which have the potential to change the life of a person. Many times we ourselves are unaware of these yogas, but these yogas definitely have an effect on our life. So let’s talk today about two such auspicious yogas in the horoscope, Lakshmi-Narayan yoga and the other Kalanidhi yoga and try to know what effect these yogas have on a person’s life.

Laxmi Narayan Yoga will be formed
Laxmi Narayan Yoga will be formed by the combination

What is Lakshmi-Narayan Yoga?

According to Indian astrology, Lakshmi-Narayan Yoga is the yoga formed by the combination of the auspicious planets Mercury and Venus in the birth chart. The result of which is the Raja Yoga factor. Mercury is the significator of intelligence, humor and Venus is the significator of beauty, happiness and luxury. In Lakshmi-Narayan Yoga, Vishnu, Shukra, Mercury is placed in the category of Lakshmi-Narayan Yoga. The interaction of these two planets makes the native of romantic and artistic nature. This yoga is very auspicious because it is known by this name.

Sagittarius: By making this yoga, there can be a good increase in your income. Because Lakshmi-Narayan Yoga will be formed in the 11th house of your transit horoscope. People preparing for government jobs can also get good news. Matters related to property can remain in favor. At this time you can get money in share market and satta, lotteries. At this time, good relations will be established with your superiors at workplace. Manglik and religious programs can take place in the family. But be careful while transacting at this time. Otherwise damage may occur.

Virgo: Lakshmi-Narayan Yoga can prove to be auspicious for you. This yoga will be formed in the second house of your transit horoscope. Whose place of money and speech is considered in astrology. Your pending work will be completed at this time. Debt can be recovered from Rs. If your business is related to abroad then you are likely to get good profit. You are likely to get success in your career at this time. Along with this, respect will also increase.

Capricorn: Lakshmi-Narayan Yoga can give you good success in career and business. Because this yoga will be in the tenth house of the horoscope of the people. So at this time you can get the stalled money. Business may expand. Your adventurous nature at workplace will help you in completing all the tasks.

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