Leaving Amrapali, Akshara Singh’s ‘Patar Kamariya’ became a fan of Nirhua, said heartfelt talk

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Nirhua is a well-known actress of Bhojpuri cinema, she does not need anyone’s identity. Everyone likes the pair of both. A new song of both is coming out which has been released on SRK Music. With the release, the video has caught everyone’s attention. Bhojpuri star Nirhua is the life of Bhojpuri cinema. These days, along with the cinema world, he is also engaged in politics. He is getting full support of the public even in the world of politics.

Nirhua became crazy about Akshara's 'Patar Kamariya'
Leaving Amrapali, Akshara Singh’s ‘Patar Kamariya’ became a fan of Nirhua

Nirhua fans wanted to see him for a long time. In such a situation, Nirhua has recently released her new song with Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh. The audience is watching this song of Nirhua again and again. This song of Akshara Singh and Nirhua is from the film ‘Jaan Lebu Ka’. The title of this song has been kept as Patar Kamariya. In this song, Akshara Singh is seen trying to woo Nirhua wearing a black sari. In Patar Kamariya, where Akshara Singh is playing the magic of her bold acts, on the other hand, Nirhua is also seen swinging in front of Akshara Singh.

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The lyrics of this song have been written by Pyare Lal Yadav, while in this song, Priyanka Singh has created magic with Nirhua. So far, more than 100,000 viewers have colored this song in the color of their love. More than 9000 viewers have pressed the like button on this song. Fans are very fond of the strong chemistry of Nirhua and Akshara Singh.

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