Marine El Himer : This bold model accepted Islam, left fashion and style and was seen wearing hijab

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👈🏿

French model and actress Marine El Himer recently shared her new pictures on social media with her fans, through which she told that she has now accepted Islam. Since then his fans are getting quite surprised. Recently Marine El Himer has also visited Mecca. New pictures of famous model and actress Marine El Himer are surprising her fans a lot. Marine El Himer have recently started wearing hijab leaving fashion and style.

Marine El Himer
left fashion and style and was seen wearing hijab

Along with the pictures, the model also told about changing her religion. The popular model Marine El Himer of France converted to Islam and after that she also visited Mecca. He has also uploaded many of his pictures from Mecca to Instagram. Marine El Himer has also given a very big reason behind accepting Islam, which will surprise you too. Bold model actress Marine is raised by one of her stepfathers. After a time, when the Marine El Himer came to know about his biological father, he converted to Islam.

This bold model accepted Islam

Marine El Himer found out about her biological father by researching and through this research she came to know about the religion of Islam, which impressed her a lot and she decided to accept this religion. Marine El Himer had converted to Islam several months ago, but he told this in public recently. During this she also went to visit Mecca. Along with this, Marine El Himer has also taken Moroccan citizenship. Marine El Himer is quite popular on social media, with more than one and a half million followers on her Instagram.

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