Monali Thakur Birthday Special : Hid for 3 years after getting married, then gave information on her own

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Born on 3 November 1985, Monali Thakur is celebrating her birthday today. Monali Thakur, who made her onscreen debut with Indian Idol 2, has given many superhits to the industry. Due to which today he is counted among the top singers of Bollywood. So let us tell you this amazing playlist that will make your day.

Monali Thakur Birthday Special
Hid for 3 years after getting married

Monali Thakur is one of the most bubbly singers of Bollywood. He has made millions of hearts crazy with his melodious voice. Many times he has also talked about his singing talent. Monali Thakur says that she started learning classical music at a very young age. He had a special love for music since childhood. But, despite this, he had to struggle a lot to make his name in the music industry.

Monali Thakur Birthday Special see photos here 👈

Monali Thakur is a name reminiscent of songs from Bollywood and Bengali films. Monali Thakur, who won the hearts of the world with one song, actually lost her heart to Mike Richer living in Switzerland. It has been three years and both of them got married in the year 2017. Monali Thakur Thakur and Mike met in Switzerland, where Mike has a restaurant.

Talking about her marriage, she said that her husband Richer did not want the marriage to be hidden. But the situation itself became such that the marriage remained hidden for 3 years. Despite all this, Monali Thakur says that the two will soon get married as per Indian traditions with family and friends.

While sharing the photo, Monali Thakur wrote that you all might not know this thing but today I am sharing photos of the most beautiful moments of my life. When Richer proposed me with 50 roses and asked me to marry him. This is on Christmas Day 2016, Monali Thakur had said yes and her eyes were moist. Monali Thakur said if you watch her new album ‘Fitoor’ you can see their love story closely. Monali Thakur said that she is very happy with her marriage

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