Monalisa looked excited for honeymoon, people were stunned to see the scene

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Monalisa is a well-known bold actress of Bhojpuri. His charm remains intact everywhere and we wait for his new videos. When it comes to hotness and boldness, Monalisa name comes first. Monalisa craze has spread so much among the people that any song or video of her gets trended as soon as it comes on social media. In today’s time, Monalisa is considered a guarantee for hit videos.

Monalisa looked excited
Monalisa looked excited for honeymoon

Discussions about the boldness of Bhojpuri actress Monalisa keep on happening every day. She had rocked the entire Bhojpuri cinema with her hot acts, but now she has gone a bit far from Bhojpuri films, but even today her craze is not diminishing.

Many old songs of Monalisa are still viral on social media. One such song is becoming viral again on social media, in which her very hot style is being seen. This song of Monalisa and Pawan Singh is making a splash on social media, after seeing which their fans are also going out of control. Pawan Singh is also considered a superstar of Bhojpuri industry. Pawan Singh Monalisa This song is based on Suhagrat. The lyrics of this song are, “Diya Gul Kara Rani” Now all the Bhojpuri audience are showering love on this song.

This video has been uploaded on YouTube and Monalisa is being liked a lot in this video. The sensuous chemistry of husband and wife is shown in this song between Monalisa and Pawan Singh. This couple is very excited about their honeymoon. The pairing of Monalisa and Pawan Singh is very much liked in Bhojpuri films. These two have appeared together in many films. This song from Pawan Singh‘s film “Raja” has been released on web music. Despite being old, this song is very much liked by the audience and people have seen it millions of times.

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