Nirahua is harassing Sanchita Banerjee, kissing in the pool not once but 11 times

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The comedy video of Bhojpuri cinema superstar Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua and Sanchita Banerjee is becoming very viral on YouTube, which is being liked by their fans and people are watching this video again and again. In the viral video, Nirhua is forcibly kissing Sanchita Banerjee openly, not once but 11 times. In the video, Sanchita Banerjee is fed up with Nirhua and is seen getting rid of her. In such a situation, Nirhua is also no less stubborn and he does not give up so soon.

Nirahua Sanchita Banerjee romance video
Nirahua is harassing Sanchita Banerjee

In the video, Nirhua is seen running behind Sanchita Banerjee. Let us tell you that this video clip is from the film ‘Nirhua Hindustani 2′. Only after watching the video, you will be able to find out whether Nirhua heart’s desire is fulfilled or not. This video has received 20,527,679 views so far. After watching the video, you will understand whether Nirmala Sitharaman’s heart’s wish comes true or not. This video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel named Wave Music. The film also stars Amrapali along with Nirhua and Sanchita Banerjee.

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Later in the video, Nirhua is seen very sad with his hand alone, then Nirhua drops a banana peel on the ground to beat Sanchita Banerjee boyfriend, but he survives. Bhojpuri cinema’s superstar Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirhua dominates the social media for one reason or the other.The fans of Nirmala Sitharaman are always eager to meet her. By the way, Bhojpuri industry is very popular with the pair of Nirhua and Amrapali. But at present, a funny video of Nirhua and Sanchita Banerjee is being liked a lot on YouTube.

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