Number 3 in Numerology : People born on these dates get all-round success, get immense money-fame!

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Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter, the lord of all the planets. Number 3 people are very self-respecting. They do not like to bow down to anyone. They don’t want to take anyone’s favour. They do not like any unnecessary interference. They do not like to compromise on their freedom. People of this element are courageous, brave, powerful, determined, struggling, hard working and never give up on difficulties.

Number 3 in Numerology
People born on these dates get all-round success

These qualities were reflected in the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. His prime was only Number 3. They have a substantial amount of creative potential. They leave the job they decide to do. They are ambitious. Also, they are good thinkers, visionaries, thinkers of possible events. These qualities can be seen in the tantric Chandraswami.

If we talk about their financial condition, then their financial condition is not good at a young age. At that time his father has to spend a lot on him. But with age, their economic condition starts improving. They have more than one source of income. But many times they have to face litigation regarding property and property.

If we talk about marriage or love relationship, then their love relationship is not permanent, but usually married life is happy. Many times he has been seen doing more than one marriage, out of which the first marriage always gives trouble. Though they are of luxurious nature but still take care of their dignity, excessive interest in religious activities can also cause disturbance in the house. He has two sons and a daughter and there is a possibility of suffering from the eldest child.

Dates with cardinal numbers 3, 6, 9 and Thursday are most favorable for them, besides Friday and Tuesday are also auspicious for them. If this day falls between 20 February to 20 March or 21 November to 20 December, then it is highly auspicious. Talking about colors, purple, blue, red, pink colors are suitable for them.

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