Shakira Gori Nagori of Rajasthan is going to marry, know who is that person

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Famous Gori Nagori in the name of Shakira in the whole of Rajasthan is now going to get married very soon. She revealed about her marriage during one of her interviews and told that she is going to get married soon. Ghori Nagori, who spread her beauty on stage, has shocked her fans after this news and many of her fans are heartbroken.

Gori Nagori Marriage
Shakira Gori Nagori of Rajasthan is going to marry, know who is that person

Gori Nagori was appearing in Bigg Boss 16 nowadays but this time she is out of the house. Salman Khan announced that Gori Nagori is no longer a part of the house. After this he happily left the house. After coming out of the house, the famous dancer of Haryana has now come into limelight.

She has made many people crazy with her style and now after this news, she has covered the entire social media. After getting out of Bigg Boss, Gori’s fan following has also increased a lot and now after this her fans are also getting very excited about her marriage. Gori Nagori is dating her boyfriend Sunny Chaudhary for the last several years. The actress told in an interview that she is going to give good news to the people soon. He also sang the song ‘Hamari Shaadi Mein’ while giving a hint. It is clear that Gori Nagori is going to be a bride soon.

As soon as she was out of Bigg Boss, Ghori in one of her interviews called Shiv Thackeray, Sajid Khan and MC Stand’s friendship as fake. Ghori said that these people have finally shown their true colors. Gori’s Shiva Sajid and Stan were great friends, but after Nimrit joined their group, Ghori befriended Soundarya and Gautam. Shiv, Stan and Sajid were very angry with this. Before Ghori Nagori was evicted, there was a fierce fight between him and Sajid.

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