Shani Upay : Make Shani Dev happy with these 11 measures, you will get freedom from all troubles

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If Shani Dev is pleased, then a new wave is experienced in life. Most people consider Shani Dev to be bad because the work of Shani Dev hinders the work. Let us know how to please Shani Dev.

Shani Upay
you will get freedom from all troubles

worship of Hanuman ji

Worship Hanumanji after sunset. Use vermilion, black spleen oil, this oil lamp and blue flowers in worship.

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names of Shani Dev

Worship Lord Shani Dev with these 10 names: Konastha, Pingal, Babru, Krishna, Rudrantaka, Yama, Sauri, Shanaishchar, Manda and Pipplad.

Rudraksha Necklace

Wake up early in the morning, retire from bath etc. and sit on Kush Asana. Establish an idol or picture of Shani Dev in front of him and worship him duly with Panchopchar. After this, chant at least five rosaries of one of the mantras written below from the rosary of Rudraksh and pray to Shani Dev for happiness and prosperity.

Bhog of black gram

Soak one and a half kg of black gram in three different utensils. After this, after bathing, wearing clean clothes, worship Shani Dev and after dipping the gram in mustard oil, offer it to Shani Dev. After this, feed the first quarter kg of gram to the buffaloes. Distribute the second quarter kg of gram among leprosy patients and remove the third quarter kg from your head and keep it in a secluded place.

Black Thread

Tying the root of scorpion grass in a black thread and wearing it also gives success in all the works related to Saturn.

Worship Bhairavji by lighting a lamp of black sesame oil in the evening and pray for freedom from Shani Dev Dosha.

red sandalwood garland

Reducing the malefic effects of Shani Dev by wearing red sandalwood garland with invocation

Avoid the consumption of meat and alcohol

If you are going through Shani Dev half-century, meditation or Mahadasha, then do not consume meat, alcohol during this time. Due to this Shani Dev

Donations to Dakot

Put sesame oil in a bronze bowl, keep your mouth in it and donate black urad, one and a half kilograms of grains, two laddus, fruits, black coal and an iron nail in a black cloth to Dakot (recipient). Shani Dev donation)

dark coal

After taking a bath in the morning, tie one and a half kilograms of black coal, an iron nail in a black cloth and spin it on your head and go to a Shani Dev temple and worship Shani Dev.

feed bread

Take 2 loaves of bran flour and apply oil on one and pure ghee on the other. Feed a black cow by pouring some sweets on oiled roti. After this, feed the second roti also and remember Shani Dev.

Add black gram to the fish

Soak black gram in water a day before Shani Dev Jayanti i.e. on Tuesday night. On the day of Shani Dev Jayanti, tie gram, raw coal, light iron leaves in a black cloth and keep it in a fish pond. Do this trick for a whole year. Do not consume fish by mistake during this time.

monkeys and black dogs should be served

Feeding Boondi laddus to monkeys and black dogs on Shani Dev Jayanti and every Saturday, the bad effects of Shani Dev are also reduced, or wearing a ring made of black horseshoe or nail in a boat.

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