Tabu does not use father’s surname for this reason, said – no remembrance of father, no love at all…

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Tabu said that he never uses his father’s surname, he always puts Fatima with his name, then his middle name is. The beautiful actress Tabu, who has shown her acting skills in Bollywood, always remains in the discussion. Especially she remains in the news about her personal life.

Tabu does not use father's surname
said – no remembrance of father, no love at all…

Tabu remains in the discussion about her relationship with her father, although her personal life has not been revealed much but Tabu does not put her father’s surname in front of her. There is some special reason for that which Tabu told. Tabu says that he never considered it necessary to add his father’s name in front of his name. She always puts Fatima in front of her name, which is her middle name. Whether it is a matter of hit films one after the other, or whether it is a matter of box office success, or the National Award, Tabu has not been behind in anyone.

Tabu does not use father’s surname for this reason Play Now 👇

Everyone knows Tabu for her beauty, as well as her voice is also very much liked. But you will be surprised to know that Tabu used to be an introvert child in childhood. According to the actress, even after coming into acting, there was not much difference in her nature. Tabu told that her relationship with her father was not very good, when she was 3 years old, her parents got divorced.

His father had married someone else when Tabu was young and he also had two daughters from his second wife. She says that is why she never uses her father’s surname. Tabu says that I never felt the need to put my father’s surname. Tabu says that she has memories of her father, although her sister meets her father even today, but Tabu never meets and never feels any lack of him.

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