‘Tea Or Kisses’, Raksha Gupta offered Arvind Akela Kallu, see their romance in a closed room

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A musical album by Arvind Akela Kallu and Raksha Gupta “Chai Ya Chumma” has come on Niman Bhojpuri YouTube channel. This song is a romantic song in which both are being liked a lot. Arvind Akela Kallu is a very well-known artist of Bhojpuri and he has kept his hold not only in films but also in music albums. People like his style and his voice both very well. In such a situation, his songs and his films are also very much liked.

tea or kisses
‘Tea Or Kisses’, Raksha Gupta offered Arvind Akela Kallu

The very romantic mood of Arvind Akela Kallu and actress Raksha Gupta has rocked the internet at the moment. The musical song Chai Ya Chumma by Raksha Gupta and Arvind Akela Kallu is quite popular on YouTube channel, which has been released on Niman Bhojpuri channel. In this song, both the stars are sharing the screen for the first time. Soon both of them will also be seen together in films. People are liking the romantic chemistry of these two quite well. And people are also going crazy for these two.

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The same makers are also trying to take these two in their films. The romantic couple is reminiscent of morning chai ki sip with this song. The video song ‘Chai Ya Chumma’ is presented under the banner of Kiran Music Entertainment Production. In this video, both Raksha Gupta and Arvind Akela Kallu are playing the role of husband and wife, there is a great love bonding between the two.

At this time Raksha Gupta is also looking very beautiful in saree. In this video, Raksha Gupta wakes up her husband from sleep and is asking what do you want to tell ‘Chai or Chumma’? This song is sung by Priyanka Singh. This song has been written by Manoj Matali and its composer is Govind Ojha. The choreographer of this song is Ghulam Hussain and Amit Chawla.

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