The bridegroom was sitting on the stage, the person standing behind filled the demand of the bride, then what the girl did, people were shocked to see

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Sometimes something happens that you would not have imagined. You must have seen many funny viral videos of marriage on social media till now. We have brought one such funny video once again. Something happens in this video, which you cannot even imagine. In the video you can see the bride and groom sitting on the stage.

Bride Groom Video
The bridegroom was sitting on the stage

A girl is getting married to an older man. Wedding rituals are going on and people are coming and blessing the couple. But during this something happens, seeing that the parrots of the people present there fly away.

People are uploading this viral video on YouTube on different channels. In the video you can see that the girl is getting married to a man who looks much older than her. Both were sitting on the stage when a man standing behind filled the vermilion on the girl’s demand. On demand, he fills vermilion not once but several times.

The girl is also surprised by this behavior of the boy and gets up and leaves from there. Many people are commenting on this video and writing, “Papa’s angel turned out to be this! flew away.” That is, when the boy fills the vermilion in the demand, he gets up quietly and leaves.

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