The fair queen won the hearts of the people with her impeccable style, did tremendous dance moves by lifting the kurta and dropping the dupatta,

The people of Haryanvi dancer Gori Rani are very crazy. Big people are not able to stand in front of Gori Rani. Her dance steps are also amazing. Everyone likes the performance of Gori Rani. During her performance, she also fills energy among the audience sitting there, due to which the audience sitting there also starts dancing with her. Gori Rani takes new steps in each of her stage shows. And a crowd of spectators gathers. Gori Rani dances tremendously in both Hindi and Haryanvi songs. Seeing his dazzling dance, people are drawn towards him.

Gori Rani hot dance video
did tremendous dance moves by lifting the kurta and dropping the dupatta,

The fan following of Gori Rani is also very tremendous and she is seen dancing mostly in wedding parties too. A dance video of Gori Rani is going viral on social media which is making a lot of noise. In this video, Gori Rani is seen dancing with a bang. The name of this song is “Ke legi manai batade mouth show”. Thousands of people are seen to see him. This song has been shared by Gori Rani on her social media account.

During this stage show, she is wearing a suit in which she is twirling her waist like a lute. People like to see Gori Rani on stage again and again. Gori Rani fans are not only in Haryana but all over the country. The number of Gori Rani fans is increasing continuously. In such a situation, every song of his is bound to be a hit. This is the reason why the songs of Gori Rani become viral on social media as soon as they arrive.

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