The king of planets, Sun God will have special blessings on these 3 zodiac signs, know how this coincidence is being made

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In Vedic astrology, the change in the zodiac of the planets is considered important. Every month some planet transits. Which affects all 12 zodiac signs. The Sun God, the king of planets, is going to transit on October 17. Bhaskar will enter Libra from Virgo. Will remain in this zodiac for the next 11 days. This transit of Sun God is going to change the fortunes of the zodiac signs. Let’s know who are those lucky zodiac signs.

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Sun God will have special blessings on these 3 zodiac signs

Cancer: The transit of Sun God can prove beneficial for you. Because the Sun God is going to enter the fourth house of your transit horoscope. It is called mother, the place of material happiness. So you can get all the material pleasures during this time. At this time you can make up your mind to buy a vehicle and property. Along with this, you will get full support of mother during this time. At the same time, the lord of your zodiac is Moon God and according to astrology, there is a sense of friendship between the Sun God and the Moon planet. So with the transit of Sun God, all the stalled work of you people can be made.

Aries: The transit of Sun God is going to happen in the seventh house from the horoscope of the people. It is called the place of marital life, partnership. So during this time you will get to see a good rapport with your spouse. On the other hand, you can get good success in partnership work. At this time you can also start partnership work. Which can prove beneficial for you in future. On the other hand, Sun God is considered to be exalted in Aries. So this transit can be beneficial for you.

The people of Gemini zodiac will be blessed by Sun God. Some special plans will come to fruition. There will be a guest arrival in the house. Any problem of children will be solved. Love marriage proposal can be approved. Good time to propose.

The decisions taken by you related to the family will prove beneficial. By the grace of Sun God, luck will get full support. Will make a plan to buy property. The company of loved ones will keep you happy. Love or marriage proposals will come in front of you.

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