This actor forgot everything while doing the bedroom scene with Dimple Kapadia, did something that scared the actress.

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There are many such tales of Bollywood industry which no one has ever heard till date, but there have been many such incidents in Bollywood which we do not know about. Something similar happened during Dimple Kapadia film. Dimple Kapadia was shooting for a film in which she had to give a bedroom scene with her co-star. While giving the bedroom scene, this actor became uncontrollable and did something that Dimple Kapadia started crying bitterly at Dimple Kapadia.

Bedroom scene with Dimple Kapadia
This actor forgot everything while doing the bedroom scene with Dimple Kapadia

Dimple Kapadia and Vinod Khanna were in lead roles in the 1992 film Marg. Both were shooting for this film. An intimate bedroom scene was also to be shot in this film. When this scene was being shot, Dimple Kapadia co-star Vinod Khanna became uncontrollable and the director of this film Mahesh Bhatt started shouting cut-cut, but even after this Vinod Khanna kept kissing Dimple. After this Dimple Kapadia got very scared and started crying. During this scene, Vinod Khanna had forgotten everything and he was not even leaving Dimple Kapadia.

During the shooting of this film, director Mahesh Bhatt explained to Vinod Khanna in which he had to kiss and hug Dimple Kapadia and then go to sleep and the director said that there should be intensity in it. For this Mahesh Bhatt got away a bit and then he shouted action. After this Vinod Khanna kissed Dimple Kapadia and then hugged her. After this Mahesh Bhatt shouted the cut but Vinod Khanna was so lost in the scene that he could not hear the director’s voice. After this Dimple Kapadia also got shocked and asked the director for help. After this Dimple Kapadia went to the makeup room and cried a lot. Vinod Khanna had also apologized to Dimple Kapadia at the behest of Mahesh Bhatt.

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