Urfi Javed wrapped bandages on his entire body, watching the video a user said – ‘Now all our patients

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Urfi Javed has always been a topic of discussion on social media for his strange clothes. Every day she wears such clothes which you have never seen or heard and she also makes a lot of headlines with her style. People like this look of Urfi Javed but some people also troll him a lot. Urfi Javed fan following is also increasing day by day on social media. Urfi Javed always goes viral due to his unusual dressing sense.

Urfi Javed wrapped bandages all over his body
Urfi Javed wrapped bandages on his entire body

Once again a new video of Urfi Javed is coming out, in which he has wrapped a white band all over his body. Urfi Javed has also shared this video with his fans on his social media account. Looking at the people, it seems that what has hurt Urfi Javed but no this is his new style. This very different way of making her new dress is now being liked by people too. People are also commenting on him for this style of his. Some people are saying that now leaving the doctors, the patients will go to them, then the same one is saying that it seems and Urfi Javed didi is hurt.

Urfi Javed always brings her new look in front of people and she never compromises about her fashion. Just a few days ago, Urfi Javed had also come in a lot of discussion about her cotton dress. Urfi Javed is always trolled for her looks but she doesn’t mind all these things. Urfi Javed says that I do all this on my own free will and my fans like all this. Urfi Javed says I am not known by my clothes but by my talent.

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