Video : The bear attacked three people, the video will give goosebumps

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👈🏿

A heart-wrenching incident was witnessed in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu. This video is currently making a splash on social media. In the video going viral, a black bear is seen attacking a man. During this, the bear is seen scratching the person’s face and body. Users have come to see this.

Bear attacked three people fatally
The bear attacked three people

According to the information, it is being told that three people were injured in the attack of a wild bear in the forest area of ​​Tenkasi district of Tamil Nadu. At present, forest department officials have reached the spot and admitted all three to the hospital for treatment. It is being told that the incident took place when Vaigundamani, a resident of Karuthillingpuram, was going from Shivasailam to Pethanpillai on his two-wheeler carrying a spice packet.

Forest department officials say that when the man was crossing a part of the forest, a bear jumped from the bushes and attacked him. During this the bear scratched its face badly. It is being told that the villagers also pelted stones to drive away the bear. Even after this the bear did not leave the man.

It is being told that even after seeing the crowd, the bear did not leave the woman and attacked. After this, when the crowd got angry, the bear attacked the crowd. In which two more people were seriously injured. It is being told that during this two people named Nagendran and Shailendra were injured.

At present, this video of bear attack is going viral on social media. Which has been shared on many social media platforms. At the same time, everyone is surprised to see the bear attacking and scratching the woman’s face badly. There is a sensation in the area after the bear attack, while the forest department took quick action and caught the bear.

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