Video Viral: Shraddha Arya punched her husband to get praise, then something like this happened

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Shraddha Arya has become famous from Kundali Bhagya serial, Shraddha Arya followers are continuously increasing on social media, which keep on building bridges of her praises. In such a situation, the TV actress has made many such videos which people like a lot. Shraddha Arya is a popular TV actress as well as an acclaimed social media user. She is often seen entertaining fans through her funny videos. Ever since Shraddha Arya got married, she keeps making funny videos with her husband Rahul.

Shraddha punches husband to get praise
Shraddha Arya punched her husband to get praise

Meanwhile, another funny video of him can be seen which is becoming quite viral on social media and seeing which people are not able to stop laughing. Shraddha Arya has shared a video on social media in which she is sitting on the beach with her husband and the song is heard in the background.

How long will you praise, tell me how long. Even after repeating this line two or three times, her husband does not respond, after which Shraddha Arya punches him and then Rahul makes a face and says, ‘I will breathe in my chest till the time Kundali Bhagya’ fame Shraddha Arya video social media But it is going viral.

Social media users are now reacting fiercely to this video and many celebs are also giving their reactions. From host Siddharth Kannan to TV actor Shakti Arora have commented. On the other hand, looking at the reaction of the common people, a user wrote, ‘If you have such a beautiful wife, then you must be praised’

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