When Kangana Ranaut was called ‘witch’, the actress was accused of mixing period blood in food !

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Sharing an incident on Instagram, actress Kangana Ranaut said that someone called me a witch. Kangana Ranaut told that the editor of a publication had written an article about her and she claimed that Kangana Ranaut has black magic and shared a video of Sadhguru saying that 200 years ago women were burnt alive Because she was considered a form of witch.

Kangana Ranaut was called a witch
When Kangana Ranaut was called ‘witch’

Kangana Ranaut wrote in her Instagram story “If you have super power then you will be called a witch” She told that in 2016 a famous print editor said that I know black magic magic. Not only this, he was also sure about the fact that I mix my period blood in the laddoos sent to Diwali’s house. Because at that time she was on top. That’s why people used to envy me. That’s why everyone collectively believed that I knew black magic.

Kangana Ranaut recent instagram post 👈🏿

Kangana Ranaut said that Adhyayan Suman, co-star and ex-boyfriend of “Raaz the Mystery, Continues”, also claimed that I had harassed her. She says that all those days were also very strange. Talking about Work Friend Friend, Kangana Ranaut will be seen as Indira Gandhi in the drama film Emergency. Whose director is also himself.

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