When the wiper of the roadways bus broke, the driver did a unique jugaad, a water bottle hung on the windshield

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Roadways bus drivers are incredibly creative. Engineers have also failed before him. If you do not believe then read this news. Actually Sohrabgate Depot Bus (UP 15 BT-2162) was ready to go from Meerut to Moradabad. The passenger had sat down and the driver had also come to the seat. Meanwhile, when it started raining,

Bus Drivever jugad for wiper
When the wiper of the roadways bus broke

the driver started the Roadways bus and started running the wipers. Even after several attempts, things did not work out, he came up with an idea. He tied one end of the wiper to a rope and hung a bottle of water on the other for weight. The driver held the steering wheel with one hand and the wiper coil with the other.

The video of this creativity of the driver went viral. People may be praising the driver, but the officials of the Transport Corporation headquarters in Lucknow also had to face a lot of embarrassment. The service manager was instructed to replace the wipers immediately. After this the bus was dispatched by installing a new wiper. The Transport Corporation Headquarters has given instructions to investigate the matter. According to the information, when the bad wiper was not fixed even after asking, the driver took out this gamble under compulsion. However, even before this, roadways buses have been seen running on similar tactics.

It is noteworthy that under the operation ‘Kayakalp’, Sanjay Kumar, MD of Transport Corporation had allocated two crore rupees to all the depots of the state. Apart from this, a list of other requirements was also asked to be fulfilled. In such a situation, the big question is that when crores of rupees are being spent on repairs, then why are even small equipment of buses not being repaired. The top officials are silent on this.

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