Who would want such a daughter Shiv Thackeray got angry on Gori Nagori, ‘Shakira of Haryana’ said – don’t be my father

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The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss is going to be full of excitement. This time it is about father and daughter. Yes, this time a fight can be seen between Gori Nagori and Shiv Thackeray in Bigg Boss, in which both are making personal comments on each other. Once these two used to be very good friends, but now Tu-Tu Main-Main is visible between these two. Tomato has become the reason for the fight between these two. There is always something big to be seen in the Bigg Boss house and most of the times you will see friends becoming enemies here.

Shiv Thackeray furious over Ghori Nagori
Who would want such a daughter Shiv Thackeray got angry on Gori Nagori

In such a situation, this time Gori Nagori and Shiv Thackeray are seen fighting. Gori Nagori was once a part of Sajid Khan group. Gori Nagori Shiv Thackeray is also angry with Sajid Khan and MC Stand.

Gori Nagori stole the heart of her fans again

Gori Nagori keeps on messing with all this every day. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, Gori Nagori and Shiv Thackeray were seen fighting a lot over a tomato. Shiv asks Gori Nagorii to bring tomatoes from the room but she does not give any response, avoiding Shiv Thackeray. After this, Shiv Thackeray gets very angry on seeing such attitude of Ghori.

Gori Nagori swayed and danced

Shiv Thackeray asked Gori Nagori why are you not going to get tomatoes and to whom are you showing so much attitude?? In response, Gori Nagori said, what do you want, do not eat food, I cannot bring tomatoes. If you took some ration in the room, you people say that I am stealing. You don’t be my father. After this, there is a fierce debate between Shiv Thackeray and Gori Nagori, while silencing Gori Nagori, Shiv Thackeray says who wants such a daughter. Gori Nagori thinks that Sajid Khan and Shiv Thackeray become great in front of everyone by copying his ideas and don’t let him speak.

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