Years later, Ankita Lokhande’s pain spilled, said – instead of the role, the big Producer had sex with me

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-girlfriend, who took the lead by demanding justice after Sushant Singh Rajput’s departure, is making a lot of headlines these days. Ankita, who made headlines with her videos and photos, is in the news this time for a very sensitive reason. Actually Ankita Lokhande told about such an incident with her in an interview. Mentioned that once again there has been an uproar in Bollywood. People are also linking it to the Me Too campaign. Ankita Lokhande tells that this incident is from the days when I was starting my career, the second incident happened when I wanted to do films after being successful in TV. According to Ankita Lokhande, there is a big actor who thinks of taking advantage of her.

Ankita Lokhande life has not been easy since the passing of Sushant Singh Rajput’s, where Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans were accusing Ankita Lokhande in many ways, but now Ankita Lokhande is completely ready to talk openly on every issue. Whether it is about their relationship or their professional life. He told all the things openly in an interview given to a website. Ankita Lokhande told that the first experience is from when she was just 19 years old and wanted to start her career.

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At that time, it was sent to him by the producer that if you want to get a role, then learn to compromise. At that time she was 19 years old but Ankita Lokhande tells that she was very smart. When Ankita Lokhande asked the sender what kind of compromise his producer wanted, he told that he wants to sleep with you. Ankita Lokhande got very angry on this and said that your producer does not want a talented girl but a girl who can sleep with him. Ankita Lokhande further tells that after this the producer also apologized to her and said that soon I will make a film with you, then Ankita Lokhande flatly refused to work in the film.

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The second incident happened when Ankita Lokhande had become successful on TV and was looking for her future in films. During this, when she met an actor, Ankita Lokhande started feeling very uncomfortable with the touch of her handshake. He quickly withdrew his hand. Ankita Lokhande said that I do not want to name that person because he is a very big actor. Ankita Lokhande tells that it was only after meeting her that I had thought in my mind that here too there is a matter of give and take which I will not be able to do.

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